We Are Ohio canvass kicks off in Cincinnati

A door-to-door canvass to repeal Senate Bill 5 in Ohio kicked off Saturday in Cincinnati.

Come November, voters will have the chance to decide whether Senate Bill 5, the state's contentious new collective bargaining law, should be repealed.

We Are Ohio, the group opposing the legislation, is leading the door-to-door effort in an attempt to educate voters of the question on the ballot.

The law signed by Ohio Gov. John Kasich in late March bans public employee strikes and restricts collective bargaining rights for more than 350,000 teachers, police officers and other public workers. While unions can continue to negotiate wages, they cannot bargain on health care, sick time or pension benefits.

Opponents contend the law is an unfair attack on workers. Kasich, a first-term governor, and his GOP colleagues argue the legislation will help city officials, school superintendents and others better control their costs at a time when they, too, are feeling budget woes.

The measure is suspended from taking effect until voters have their say.

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