New police chief James Craig officially sworn in as head of police department

New Police Chief gives oath
New Police Chief gives oath
Mayor Mallory giving speech at Police Chief swearing in
Mayor Mallory giving speech at Police Chief swearing in

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - In front of more than 100 fellow police officers Chief James E. Craig outline an ambitious plan to save the city money, build community partnerships and reduce violent crime.

"In the area of violent crime we will be assessing how crime is analyzed and I will be looking at creating a CompStat process that will be unique to the Cincinnati Police Department," said Craig.

CompStat is a combination of organizational tools used by other major cities including New York City, Washington, D.C. and Philadelphia.

To save money the new chief wants to run a transition audit to trim the fat.

"Through this effort I expect to learn how we can optimize on the departments efficiencies at the same time look at opportunities to cut costs," says Craig.

An effort former Cincinnati police chief Tom Streicher agrees with.

"I think he is doing the right thing in talking about auditing the police department from top to bottom. Let's find out where he have some fat, if we have some fat," says Streicher.

Hired by city manager Milton Dohoney, Craig brings 35 years of experience since his start in Detroit. Craig spent the bulk of his career, 28 years, in Los Angeles and most recently was police chief in Portland, Maine.

But he says reaching Cincinnati is the pinnacle of his career.

"The four stars on my collars not only represent the rank of chief but it signals a beginning of change and transition in the Cincinnati Police Department," says Craig.

A strong message from the chief who is facing difficult budget times and the potential threat of police officer layoffs. He says getting the department's finance in order comes first.

"This is the first step in the recommendation of layoffs. We don't know at the end of the day what will happen but in the meantime I'll work very hard to find places to shave costs," says Craig.

Mayor Mark Mallory not only gave his praise for the new chief but suggested he will transition well into the new digital age.

"This chief knows the challenges that we face in our community and this chief is on facebook," says Mallory.

A facebook page that will bring him another step closer to talking with the public and hold him accountable for his promise to the city.

"To the city of Cincinnati, I will not let you down," says Craig.

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