Cooperative for Education Group Arrives in Guatemala

(FOX19) - Volunteers and travelers on the Co-Ed trip didn't really know who had joined them on the trip until they met up just outside the airport terminal in Guatemala City.

There, travelers met for the first time, and realized they were on a trip with people from all over the United States. All climbed into an airport van to begin their five day journey.

"It's so different, this is probably the smallest airport I've ever seen," said Mary Ann Brinkmeyer, 28. She teaches third grade at Cincinnati's Summit County Day School and won a sponsored trip to join the volunteers.

"One of the parents offered to send someone and apparently, I was the first teacher that jumped," she said.

She brought school supplies like pencils and erasers to give to the school children in her carry-on luggage.

"I wanted to bring more, but I didn't think I would have room," she said. "But this trip, it will be so nice to see something different."

Tara Enzweiler agreed. She's a 21-year-old student at Thomas More College, and will graduate with a dual degree in business and Spanish in May 2012.

"They really recommended this trip," she said of her advisors. "But I am pretty nervous right now." This trip marks her first time outside of the United States.

Each person on this trip seems to have come for a different reason. Mary Ann came because she is a big believer in education. Tara came to expand her mind. Still others came for the adventure of it all.

This afternoon, Co-Ed volunteers will head out on their first school visit.

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