Local farmers impacted by heat wave

Record breaking temperatures are growing concern among local farmers, who say the extended heat is hindering their crop.
"All crops are struggling right now, they are at the hinging point of making a crop or not making a crop," said Michael Garver of the Garver Family Farm Market in Monroe.
Garver says he's is feeling the wrath of mother nature -- specifically the heat has caused his sweet corn to curl up, known as "firing," a process of protecting itself from the powerful rays.
"It just looks like it's drying up, but that's it's way of defending itself against the heat," Garver said.
One batch of sweet corn was supposed to be harvested by Labor Day, but because of the extended heat, that won't happen. 
"Sweet corn is not maturing as rapidly as it should, because of the dry weather," Garver said.
Garver isn't as worried about crops like tomatoes, cantaloupe, and pumpkin that are watered through a plastic irrigation system, but even with irrigation the heat still has an impact.
"When it gets to be 90 it actually hardens the skin, on the pumpkin," Garver said.
With more than 1200 acres of crop,  the next few weeks all eyes will be up at the sky, down on the farm.
"We do have a nice crop growing for the most part, but everything depends on mother nature at this point, and so we're really banking on this rain here," Garver said.

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