Cincinnati fans get 'up close' with Janet Jackson ahead of upcoming concert

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Fans in the Tri-State will have the opportunity to get up close to singer, songwriter, actor, dancer and producer Janet Jackson next week.

The pop icon is bringing her Janet Jackson Number Ones: Up Close and Personal Tour to the PNC Pavilion at Riverbend on Thursday, August 11th. Fans will hear songs from Jackson's recent greatest hits collection, "Number Ones."

Jackson has won five Grammy Awards, multiple MTV Awards, Billboard Music Awards and Soul Train Music Awards throughout her career. The pop icon's "Number Ones" album was her second greatest hits compilation. It was released in 2009.

FOX19's Kimberly Holmes Wiggins asked fans throughout the Queen City to submit questions that Jackson agreed to answer. Below, you'll the questions and the answers:

1. You're bringing your "Number Ones, Up Close and Personal Tour" to the PNC Pavilion in August. Can you give us the inside scoop on what Cincinnati fans can expect?

"It is my goal for them to be able to forget their problems, if only for a few hours, and have a good time. This tour is a thank you to all the fans that have supported me throughout my career.

2. What's the one thing you want fans to take away from this tour?

"I want my fans to know that they are loved and appreciated."

3. Out of all of your albums, what is your personal favorite?

"That is like asking a mom to pick her favorite child… LOL. I can't do that."

4. Rumor is fans will get the chance to see you perform a virtual duet of your 1995 hit "Scream" alongside a video of your late brother Michael Jackson singing his part. Do you ever find that it's tough to sing alongside his image and/or voice? Ever find yourself getting emotional on stage or during practices?

"Performing with Mike is therapeutic. The energy of the Scream is fierce but it makes me smile inside when I hear him, when I hear his voice."

5) It's been two years since your brother Michael Jackson passed away. Fans continue to mourn him, and I'm sure it's been difficult for your family. What are some of your favorite moments with him?

"My favorite moments are private… I wanted to give something to the fans that are, like our family, grieving. That is why I sing Scream."

6) You're an icon; a superstar! You continue to push barriers and wow audiences with lyrics, songs and looks. How do you do it? How do you continue to bring fresh ideas, year after year?

"You are too sweet. I don't set out to push barriers. I just do things that interest me and hope that the fans can relate in some way."

7) You've done it all; ruled the singing and the acting worlds. Right now, which one is more fun for you to pursue? And what has been your favorite role/song?

"I like all aspects of my career… Acting was always my first passion but I am very grateful for the success I have had in music as well. Picking a favorite song or acting role is like saying pick your favorite child. They are all my favorites. :0)"

8) You've spent the majority of your life giving your all to your fans and family. Your nieces and nephews seem to absolutely adore you. Will you ever have children of your own?

"I would love to have children but that is really up to God... if it is in His plan, then yes."

9) You've worked extremely hard at your craft and are truly talented. Today, we see more and more young people trying to gain celebrity through "roles" in reality shows. What do you think of the trend?

"I think that people should be free to do what they want in life, providing it isn't hurting anyone else. If they are enjoying themselves, and there is an audience for it, then great!"

10) Will you be in town long enough to sample some of Cincinnati's best? Some La Rosa's pizza, Graeter's ice cream, or some Skyline or Gold Star chili? And if you've tried it before, what do you think of the delicacies?

"I am only in Cincinnati for two days and I'll spend most of my time at the PNC Pavilion or my hotel. I don't know."

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