Special meeting discusses employee leave time

Diana Frey
Diana Frey

Cincinnati City Councilman Wendell Young is hosting a special meeting of the Government Operations Committee to discuss what structural and administrative changes the city can make in light of reported abuses of employee leave time by Diana Frey.

Frey, the former president of the CODE Union, was indicted last month for embezzling over $750,000 from CODE.

"I believe an open dialogue is always a critical first step to making positive changes. I know that, through such a discussion, we can determine safeguards to prevent similar abuses," said Young. "As they say, 'sunshine is the best disinfectant,' and I certainly hope that the City Administration shines some light on this situation."

The meeting only dealt with the City's role in allowing Frey leave from her job and will not deal with any issues surrounding the ongoing criminal case against her, will be open to the public and will allow for public comment.

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