Teen sisters bond on Guatemala Trip

Church of St. James
Church of St. James

SANTIAGO ATITLAN, GUATELMALA (FOX19) - Mary and Anna Kirwan packed one suitcase between the two of them for this five day trip with Cooperative for Education (Co Ed). They're sharing that, and a room on this journey.

"I have seriously thought of working down here for Co Ed," says 19-year-old Anna. She's in school as a communications major at Queens University in Charlotte, NC.

Her sister, Mary, will start her junior year in the fall at Summit Country Day School in Cincinnati.

Both girls are no strangers to the Co Ed mission.

"I love the kids at the schools. They are so happy to see you," says Mary when asked what struck her the most about this visit to Guatemala. This trip is Mary's second one with Co Ed, while Anna has traveled to Guatemala twice before (once with Co Ed, once with another teen volunteer group).

Both also have two brothers who are adopted from Guatemala.

Wednesday, the Co Ed group left Guatemala City and traveled by bus for five hours on winding roads to Santiago Atitlan. The small town is located right on Lake Atitlan, the largest lake in the country.

After checking into the hotel, the group departed for a walking tour of Santiago, and met Maria, a woman who gained sponsorship from Co Ed and is now studying tourism at the university level.