Butler County accepts performance pay plan

HAMILTON, OH ( FOX19) -- Commissioners in Butler County have accepted a new performance pay plan for non-union workers, doing away with the longstanding system of step increases, which they say will run the county more like a business.
"If you were just here a year from now , you got a raise, whether you did a good job or a bad job," said Commissioner Donald Dixon. "It will allow the county to either cap those salaries that are lopsided, so they can't go any higher, or even in fact reduce them."
Dixon says, once implemented the plan would effect about 250 non-union workers and eventually 750 workers could be effected.
"It's plain and it's consistent, and it's fair for our employees, and more importantly it's fair for our taxpayers," Dixon said.
The plan creates 13 pay ranges for various positions, if a worker's salary is above their assigned pay range they face a reduced salary.
"They could actually face a pay cut and that's one of he most difficult decisions the commissioners face," said HR director Gary Sheets.
Sheets recognizes the new plan will be disappointment for some employees.
"I'm sure it will be difficult for those people who face a pay cut, they have families and children and it's going to effect their livelihood, so that's a decision the commissioners are going to begin to consider," Sheets said.
Commissioners say the new plan will likely be implemented after a 60 day implementation period.

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