What's Working: Bridging the language barrier

Move over men, this lady is going places. Cincinnati native Grace Bosworth created Global 2 Local Language Solutions just two years ago. Now she says business is really taking off.

"Global to Local is a dynamic company," said Bosworth. "We are an elite provider of highly high-quality technical translations and elite interpretation services."

Thomas Johnston has been working for Bosworth for a few years.

" If I'm just going to sit there and interpret something that a doctor, a lawyer, a judge, a corporate member of a board of director's says into the target language, and not know the cultural implications, there  are going to be  a lot of offended people or the message will not be  the same," said Johnston.

That's something Johnston has innate experience with. Born in Peru, he studied abroad in the US. Years later, he says his American family visited him in his homeland.

"My biological parents don't speak a word of English, and my American parents don't speak a word of Spanish. So we were sitting at the table which is very common for a Peruvian family," said Johnston." So I would go into the habit of saying and my mom says this. Well, he says this, that and the other."

Bosworth has a Spanish degree and a Masters in Business from Xavier. The 30-year-old says she's making money now. She won't say how much, but adds she's already looking to expand to Columbus and Cleveland.

Her secret? She says its pure ol' fashioned drive.

"You've got to get up every morning, and you've gotta push yourself and you've gotta make the sales calls and do the accounting and if you don't know how to do something, you've got to find the answer," said Bosworth.

Bosworth received plenty of advice from her "SCORE" mentor Tom Lunney.

SCORE or Service Core Of Retired Executives, provides help to small business owners. Lunney says Grace's work ethic drives her success.

"She's just kind of married to her job right now," says Lunney.  "And if you're an entrepreneur, guess what, if you don't have the fire in your belly, it's not going to work."

That and believing in your brand. As far as the future?

"Well the future hold an extremely huge problem for her," said Lunney. 'She's going to have to figure out how to keep this money she's making."

A problem, that's what's working for this young entrepreneur.

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