Tennis tournament draws thousands to Mason

MASON, OH (FOX19) - Fans like Pedro Fontova are already staking out their seats to see watch their favorite tennis stars dominate the court.

 "We've had our box seats for the last 25 years, this is just an amazing tournament," Fontova said.
Workers at the Lindner Family Tennis center are spending this week putting the finishing touches on the set-up to prep for thousands of die hard tennis fans.
"We're planting flowers, we're putting up scoreboards, anything that is cosmetic, we're putting the finishing touches on," said Will Sikes, of the Western Southern Open.
Aside from the six acre expansion that features six new tennis courts, this is the first year the open is hosting the top-tier men's and women's tournaments in the same week -- organizers say the star power at this year's open is the main draw for fans.
"Players like Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, the Williams sisters, Rafael Nadal, so this is really the creme of the crop in terms of pro tennis players," Sikes said.
"Having a world class event like this in our backyard is just amazing," said Phil Smith of the Warren County Convention and Visitor's Bureau.
Smith says a decade ago the economic impact of the tennis tournament was $25 million, he estimates the now jumped to  at least $50 million.
"About ten years ago, the out of town ticket buyer population was about 10 percent of the total, now it's up to 25," Smith said.
The Western Southern Open has been held in Mason since 1979. 
The Open runs from August 13-21, tickets start at $5 for kids up to $75 for adults. More information is available at
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