Northern Kentucky community reaches out in support of Dieter family

Family and friends of the Dieter family are in shock after hearing the news about their northern Kentucky neighbors.

Craig, 51, and Scott, 11, Dieter, of Walton, were shot and killed during a rampage in Copley, Ohio. The shooting suspect, Michael Hance, was the boyfriend of Craig's sister, Becky. Hance died during a shootout with police.

Craig's wife, Beth, survived the rampage.

"This is a unique situation, the tragedy of it," Pastor Chris Torrey said. "The horror of what they experienced."

Torrey pastors Lakeside Presbyterian Church where he says the Dieters attended every Sunday at 8:30 a.m.

"They were active here in the church as a family and pretty much when I picture any one of them I picture all three of them," Torrey said.

Torrey drove up to Akron Sunday to be with Beth.

"She had been there and experienced the shooting and had a very clear memory of her husband on the ground," Torrey said. "The hospital called it shock and I don't know if there's any other word to use for it."

"I know she was an excellent mom," Neighbor Cheri Anglemyer said. "She would do anything in the world for her son."

Anglemyer had hired Beth years back for help with her business and says young Scott was always in tow.

"She worked for me but it was important that when he was little she be able to bring him to work," Anglemyer explained.

The family had also bonded over scouts. Scott started out in Cub Scout Troop 805 and just recently graduated to Boy Scouts.

As Beth comes back to Northern Kentucky without her husband and son; neighbors, church members and colleagues in the school system say they are waiting with open arms.

"We're hoping that she'll be able to come back and do the best that she can," Boone County School superintendent Randy Poe said. "When she comes back but we'll be here for her."

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