Sisters reflect on CoEd trip

CINCINNATI, OH AND GUATEMALA CITY, GUATEMALA (FOX19)---Each school greeted the CoEd volunteers with as much fanfare as staffers could muster.

Each of the visits, was a chance for teachers, student and volunteers to celebrate the efforts they are making to teach Guatemalan kids reading and computer skills.

And for two Cincinnati natives, the trip meant the world.

"It's just a whole web of education," says Anna Kirwan.

She and her sister Mary say the five days they spent in Guatemala with CoEd were five of the most unforgettable days of their lives.

"You just walk don the street and there were so many people just smiling at you. They speak indigenous language, they speak Spanish, you don't know what they speak, but they are smiling. Well, they are so welcoming, they are welcoming you," says Mary.

Each sister says it will be hard to describe the trip to their friends. On a CoEd trip, organizers pack the days with school visits and interaction with children in some of the most remote parts of Guatemala.

It's a way CoEd donors get to see their dollars at work.

"They know how to give these schools and communities a good start. They have the revolving fund, with their book program, and it just starts them off and keeps them going," says Anna.

Anna and Mary sponsor a Guatemalan scholarship student through CoEd.

It's the kind of experience, they say, that gives to them as much as it gives to the students getting the education.