Handymen Not So Handy

This is what happens when FOX 19 Consumer Reporter Tom Sussi approaches a Northern Kentucky handyman about his shoddy concrete, drywall and carpentry job.

Richard Chitwood turns his back to the cameras. Pulls Sussi aside. Grabs his microphone. And says, "I wouldn't p-ss me off!"

Chitwood helps run a business called C and B Rehab and Remodeling and C and B Rehab and Construction. Same business. Different names. And one of his customers is really ticked off.

In May - Amy Holcombe and her husband Daron paid Chitwood over nine-thousand bucks to fix their front sidewalk. Remove a tree in front of their home. Repair cracks in the foundation and re-model their family room.

Months later, the concrete is cracking. And the basement is a mess. The drywall is marred with seams, waves and sloppy cuts. The baseboard corners don't match. They're filled with putty. And they're not properly nailed down.

"They told me they couldn't do any better than this. This is as good as it possibly could be,"

Sussi confronts Chitwood about the work. "I looked at the work. The work is

"I didn't do the work," said Chitwood. "But you supervised," said Sussi. "I didn't do the work," said Chitwood. "You supervised the job. It's your crew."

Chitwood says his partners are willing to fix the mess. But Amy is leary to let them back into her home. Amy says some times workers did more drinking than working.

"He (a worker other than Chitwood) was working on concrete and in his hand was a bottle in a paper bag," said Holcombe. "And it broke in my driveway. And I had to clean it up." Holcombe said the worker reeked of booze.

Holcombe has since contacted a lawyer who is trying to work out a financial settlement with Chitwood.