Solar powered trash cans come to Mt. Lookout

MT. LOOKOUT, OH (FOX19) - The City of Cincinnati Public Services Department installed a Big Belly Solar powered trash can in the Cincinnati neighborhood business district in Mt. Lookout on Tuesday.

About ten Big Belly Solar Cans are part of a pilot program in downtown, Mt. Adams, Northside and Mt. Lookout.  More than 40 Big Bellies are already in use in Cincinnati Parks.

City officials believe these environmentally-friendly trash cans, which are also compactors, may work well for business districts with frequently overflowing cans.

In addition to solar powered trash compaction, the cans are equipped with sensors that monitor how full the can is, and Global Positioning Software that transmits data back to Public Services. Public Services will be notified when a can needs to be emptied and where it is located.

During the pilot program, Public Services will evaluate savings in City staff time spent emptying cans because the Big Belly cans have a larger capacity.  They are placed in high-traffic areas where city officials believe they'll cut down on litter and contribute to a cleaner environment.

"It makes sense to test Big Bellies in the business districts getting revitalization work this summer," says Council Member Laure Quinlivan.

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