Pedestrian struck by vehicle during thunderstorm

A Middletown man was taken to the hospital Monday night after he was struck by a truck.

Police found Curtis Garner, 35, had been struck by a vehicle at the intersection of S. University Boulevard and Logan Avenue at about 9:45 p.m.

Garner was seriously injured and taken to Miami Valley Hospital for treatment.

The driver, Karl Robinson, 20, of Germantown, was driving to work in a thunderstorm when he hit Garner. Robinson told police he didn't see anything, but heard something hit the driver's side panel and side view mirror of his pick up truck. He looked out the window, but couldn't see anything in the heavy rain.

Robinson continued to work and discovered the damage to his truck. He notified his father and they reported the incident to police.

Police say Garner was wearing dark clothing and was not in a crosswalk. The owner of a local store that Garner had just left told police he appeared to be intoxicated.

The incident remains under investigation, but police say they don't foresee any charges.

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