Boehner protesters fired up

More than 100 protesters from John Boehner's 8th district weren't hesitant about taking their message  of job creation straight to the door step of the Speaker's office.
After protesters restlessly knocked on the front door of the Speaker's  West Chester office, it  become clear they're not getting in, but they were persistent,  one woman even kicked the door.
"Unfortunately the door was locked on us, we didn't even get the opportunity to talk with his staff, we're very disappointed," said Gabe Kramer of SEIU.
Once they learned the Speaker was near Columbus, a small group of protesters set out to follow him there.
"So, we're going to actually go up to where we believe he's taking part in a golf outing up in Dublin and have a word with him there," Kramer said.
In response to the locked doors,  Speaker Boehner's office released a statement, saying: "While we respect their right to assemble and voice their opinions, Congressman Boehner's staff has a responsibility to serve the constituents of the 8th district and in order to do so we need a workable office space."
Local union members and  teachers  rallied outside  the Speaker's office, urging him to create jobs instead of making cuts, what they call an assault on the American dream.
"The attack on workers, families, children, sick people has got to stop," said Martha Stevens who attended the rally.
"I want him to know that he has to work for everyone, not only just the rich," said Elizabeth White, another protester.
Workers also said the recent debt deal did nothing to create jobs, and opened the door for cuts to vital programs like medicaid down the line.
The protest was organized by the group

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