White supremacy group takes aim at teen tragedy

DEERFIELD TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - A national white supremacy group has turned last week's murder-suicide teen tragedy in Warren County into a racial incident.

The organization National Alliance placed flyers on cars, light poles and on doors near the Four Paws Pet Center on Landen Drive in Deerfield Township early Tuesday morning.

The flyers warn white parents to not allow their daughters to date blacks.

"I was shocked, this is a quiet little area and that kind of stuff is not acceptable here at all," said Sally Parker, Deerfield Township resident.  "It upset a lot of people here."

The bold message of the flyer reads, "White parents: don't let your daughters date blacks, it might be a matter of life and death."

The flyer references the teen tragedy from last week, when 18-year-old Troy Penn shot and killed his ex-girlfriend, 17-year-old Amanda Borsos.

"I grabbed a bag and started collecting them off cars, I just didn't want the garbage in our neighborhood," said Amy Hosier. "We don't want it here."

Flyers were also posted on the door of the Four Paws Pet Care and Kennel.

"People aren't going to tolerate it," said Hosier. "We don't want to see this garbage hanging up in our neighborhoods. It's a good neighborhood with good people."

The Warren County Sheriff's Dept. is investigating who is responsible for posting the flyers.

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