'Cookie Monster' arrested at Iowa fair

DAVENPORT, IA (CNN/WQAD) - Cookie Monster was arrested at a county fair in Iowa last week, but it wasn't for stealing snacks.

Police say the man inside a Cookie Monster costume was a convicted sex offender and he wasn't supposed to be around children.

The man dressed as Cookie Monster who was handing out fliers and posing for pictures was actually sex offender James Lester Rogers.

"The little characters went out and ran across a police officer he knew and walked up to him and took off his helmet and said, 'Hi, you remember me don't you?'" said fair director Bob Fox.

The officer immediately recognized Rogers' voice and arrested him.

"They handcuffed him and they walked him over to the squad car and they put the costume in a black bag and carried the costume," said  Fox. "That was sad to see."

Scott County Sheriff's Det. Peter Bawden says Rogers was breaking the law by working at the fair.

"The chance that he happened to be working as Cookie Monster, obviously it makes us aware that the law's there and it needs to be there," said Bawden.

Fox, who's been running the Mississippi Valley Fair for 16 years says it reinforces the need for a heavy law enforcement presence.

"The cops do their job. That's the good part about it. Seriously they do a good job," said Fox.

Police say no one has accused Rogers of doing anything inappropriate while in the Cookie Monster costume. He was convicted of touching a 7-year-old girl back in 2005 and is considered a "tier three" sex offender.