Former coach reacts to the death of UC student who died after being tased

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Friends close to the Howard family say they want Everette's story told. They say they want people to know Everette was an upstanding young man whose promising future was cut short by tragic circumstances when he died following a tasing incident on the University of Cincinnati campus.

"I have a two year old son and if he grows up to be anything like Everette I did something right," North College Hill teacher Tim Sies said.

Sies coached Everette Howard in wrestling for six years.

"I watched Everette develop into the man I knew he could be," Sies said. "You know, from this goofy little seventh grade kid to this incredible 18-year-old man."

According to school records Howard was an honor roll student who volunteered in the community and was offered over $285,000 dollars in college scholarships.

"It's hard to take in, really hard to take in, to know that such a good kid is gone," classmate Alix Allen said.

"His future was so bright because he was good at everything he did," Sies said. "If he wasn't good he worked hard enough to get good."

Sies says he just could not picture Everette as the combative person he believes police accounts have made him out to be.

"As much time as I've spent with Everette I've seen every side of him and I've seen his aggressive side," Sies admitted. "His aggressive side is when he is trying to help."

At this point, Sies says he wants the truth about what happened Saturday afternoon on the University of Cincinnati campus, saying he would like to hear more of the details leading up to the tasing.

"We knew who he was," Sies defended. "We loved him and what kind of man he was and we want the truth because we feel the truth is going to show everyone who he was."

To Sies, Everette was a young man who made big impacts, even in his short life.

"The kids have made me a better man," Sies said. "Everette was a big part of that."

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