Ohio families having tough time putting bread on the table

HAMILTON, OH (FOX19) - A new report says Ohio is worse than half of the other states when it comes to hunger. Analysis by the Food Research and Action Center says 1 of 4 families have lacked the means to buy food in the past year.

Ohio ranked 20th on the list, but also has 7 of the 100 most troubled metropolitan areas. That is worse than all but one state.

This report comes from a Gallup Poll in which children were asked if there had been times in the past year when their family couldn't afford food.

One organization providing food to more than 100 area non profits is Shared Harvest Foodbank in Fairfield. They're seeing a growing number of families facing hunger.

"We've seen people who have never been to a food pantry standing in line waiting for service and those lines are growing ever longer," said Tina Osso, founder of the foodbank.

Osso says donations to the pantry are down and it's a trend she doesn't see getting any better.

"It's not only donations are down, it's the cuts to the federal budget, it's the cuts to the state budget and the dismal forecast for our harvest," said Osso.

Osso says for people that can donate money or food, now is the time to do it.