Grammer's bar in OTR closed for business after recent crime

The sign hanging on Grammer's building in Over-the-Rhine might say open but the parking lot is empty and no one is walking through it's doors.

According to it's facebook page Grammer's is closed indefinitely after a robbery last weekend. Grammer's says it wants to keep its customers and employees safe.

A self proclaimed world famous bar since 1872, Grammer's seemed like a solid fit which is why people living in Over-the-Rhine like Katie Rosenbluth are so surprised it's closed.

"I think that's sad...for the companies and the restaurants that was here before the violence, that's sad that it takes the bad things that gets the restaurant that's been here longer," says Rosenbluth.

Dozens of people have commented on Grammer's facebook page about the crime and suggested a possible re-location because of the area, but not everyone thinks OTR is the problem.

"I'm in OTR every weekend for entertainment and have not personally experienced any issues. I just have such hopes for the positive change these businesses are bringing to Cincinnati and I hope people don't change their mind about visiting OTR." said Megan Kathryn Noster on facebook.

T.J. O'Hara grew up in Over-the-Rhine and says there has been improvement over the years.

"It didn't just get violence overnight it's been violent but it's getting better," says O'Hara.

"I'm kind of disappointed because I like Grammer's, I like the food, I like the atmosphere but they got to do what they got to do I guess."

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