Residents get chance to weigh-in on Cincinnati proposed budget cuts

What do you think about the proposed 2012 budget plan to fix Cincinnati's $33 million deficit?

Monday night, you get another chance to tell city leaders what you think about services and jobs that could be cut to save the city money.

City Manager Milton Dohoney published his proposal earlier this month giving council a starting point for what will most likely be another long drawn out process of balancing the city budget.

Among the proposed cuts, 44 police officers. While that's a much smaller number than proposed in the past years, this year personnel cuts may be a reality.

The past three years of cutting other services and dipping into reserves saved police and fire jobs.

This year city officials say there just isn't anywhere else to go.

Dohoney has publicly stated that if police jobs are not cut, 639 other personnel cuts will be made, that's almost half of all city employees.

Other proposed cuts include the disbandment of the Office of Environmental Quality and the Department of Community Development.

Monday's meeting will be held at the Hirsch Recreation Center on Reading Road at 6 p.m.

To see Dohoney's full proposed budget, click here.

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