Mother, daughter survive stage collapse

Daughter Jennifer Gaynor and mother and Resa Silcox
Daughter Jennifer Gaynor and mother and Resa Silcox

BURLINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Resa Silcox will never forget it.

"It was a very quiet ride home, but I remember at one point, looking over at her and saying, I love you," says Silcox.

Resa and her daughter Jennifer somehow survived the madness at Saturday's Sugarland concert in Indianapolis. They say they almost don't know how.

When the stage fell down, both stood only feet away from the metal. They'd had tickets to the Sugar Pit section of the concert--practically in the front row for their favorite band.

Both women say they ran for their lives and got trampled by a crowd of folks doing the same thing.

"It seemed like at the time, it was 5 minutes for the stage to come down. It seemed like it took forever for it to come down. And I remember laying there, then getting up, and all I could think of was everybody that was underneath," says Jennifer Gaynor.

Neither mother, nor daughter, has stopped thinking of what they saw.

"Indianapolis is about two hours away, and it seemed like it took, you know, 20 or 30 minutes to get home and I remember just staring out the window. And you just start to rethink and relive everybody and everything that happened," says Gaynor.

But both say through all the horror they saw, they managed to come out stronger and closer. Both say that one moment forever marked their relationship. It's not the only thing they've noticed.

"It's taught me that I need to learn CPR. It's taught me, learn how I can be a help to other people in these situations," says Silcox.

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