Fans flock to Western Southern Open

MASON, OH (FOX19) -- Fans say the new renovations at this year's Western Southern Open, allow them to get up close and personal with some of their favorite tennis stars.

"It is fabulous, it's absolutely great," said Mary Brown of Cincinnati.
In addition to seeing the stars, serves and excitement of the Open, the facelift at the Lidner Family Tennis Center is getting rave review from fans.
"Loving it, it's very enjoyable, very relaxing," said Ken Williams.
"We ride by here all the time on 71, had no idea it was this nice," said Karen Williams.
The six acre expansion features six new tennis courts, on top of that,  it's the first time the top tier men and women are playing simultaneously -- fans say it's a win-win.
"It's nice to see the men and women playing at the same time, in the same venue, simultaneously, so you can shift back and forth and see the different styles of play," said Mike Brown of Cincinnati.
"And in the new courts you can really get in and up close to the players, it's great," Brown said.
When they weren't watching the action on the court, fans waited anxiously to get autographs from players like Maria Sharipova -- even first timers say the tournament experience is hard to match.
"It's fun, it's the first time I've ever been to a tournament or anything like this so, it's interesting just to be an observer, a spectator," Brown said.