Drivers say Columbia Parkway is unsafe

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cars on Columbia Parkway often speed right by, hitting speeds well above the posted 45 mile an hour speed limit.

And that causes folks like Troy Buckler to worry.

"Once you get past Delta, they fly down through there. I mean, it doesn't matter how fast you are running, you will get passed," says Buckler.

Buckler owns Elite Cars and Trucks--a small auto shop with a big view of all the traffic that comes through Columbia Parkway.

"The speed limit's 45 but I say they probably do 60, a lot of them," says Buckler.

Buckler points out that there's no real place on Columbia Parkway for police to safely monitor the cars.

And Cameron Cox agrees. He drives Columbia parkway every day, twice a day. He's bothered by speed and the lack of a shoulder on the road.

"You know, if oncoming traffic decides to move over into your lane, well, there is nothing you can do," says Cox.

He says it's hard to think of a viable solution to the problem, but that something needs to be done.

"Certainly they could you know, get rid of one of the lanes along the parkway, and maybe that would make a difference," says Cox.

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