14-foot long, 130 pound python found in family's yard

File image of python captured in June (Source: Mark Magna, Facilities Manager, Anderson Township)
File image of python captured in June (Source: Mark Magna, Facilities Manager, Anderson Township)
Source: Arrowhead Reptile Rescue
Source: Arrowhead Reptile Rescue

SEDAMSVILLE, OH (FOX19) - A 14-foot long and 130 pound python was captured Wednesday morning in Sedamsville.

A family found a snake skin in their yard in the 600 block of Delhi Avenue. When they looked closer at the skin, they found the snake.

"We were like, ok well, that is going to be a pretty big snake because just the pile of skin was huge, says Christine Allbright.

Nathaniel Allbright made a noose with a rope and pulled the snake out and into a trash can while his sister called the SPCA.

"I figured, well, I need to get him. My sisters are scared, my mother doesn't care for snakes, and if he gets in my house, I'm moving out," says Nathaniel. "So I got the snake in view, I got his head in, and then once I go the head in the loop, I just pulled it tight and I got a hold of him and then drug him out."

Arrowhead Reptile Rescue says the snake is a tiger reticulated python, which can grow to be over 30 feet long. They are not a species commonly kept as pets, but found mostly in zoos, private collections, and serious reptile hobbyists.

The tiger reticulated python is a genetic alteration created through selective breeding and does not occur naturally in the wild, making this snake even more rare.

An SPCA official says pythons are illegal in Cincinnati. He said the SPCA picks up about four to five pythons a year, but they are hardly ever this big.

According to National Geographic, pythons are often popular choices for pets, but are then released to the wild when owners don't want to care for them anymore.

The snake was in fair condition, and no one was injured. SPCA officials say the snake could have been dangerous if it was hungry.

A 6-foot long Burmese python was captured in the parking lot of an Anderson Township KFC in June.

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