Kasich seeking compromise in Senate Bill 5 debate

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Gov. John Kasich and top Republican lawmakers said Wednesday they're offering to weaken a new law limiting collective bargaining in an attempt to keep a repeal effort off the November ballot.

Kasich's administration released a letter asking for a meeting Friday to discuss a compromise with 10 union leaders involved with We Are Ohio, the group pushing for a repeal of the law.

But all along the message to republican leaders and others who support Senate Bill 5 has been clear.

"We feel that they have the ability to come back and repeal the entire bill and that is what they should do," said Melissa Fazekas, spokesperson for "We Are Ohio".

Fazekas says for lawmakers to repeal the bill is the only thing that would keep it off the November ballot, and the meeting called by Kasich on Friday will be pointless unless he is willing to do so.

"We are glad that Gov. Kasich and other politicians that passed Senate Bill 5 are realizing it is a flawed bill," said Fazekas. "Just like the bill is flawed, this approach to a compromise is flawed as well."

Supporters of the bill say they're not willing to repeal the bill.

"We have asked the opponents to provide us with specifics on how we can address the real issues facing Ohio and try to accommodate some of their concerns," said Sen. Shannon Jones.  "At every turn they have simply said we are not interested in talking and the only thing they offered was the phrase kill the bill."

Republican Sen. Shannon Jones says the invitation to union leaders for a Friday meeting is not in fear that the bill won't pass in November.

"It's not about the outcome in November," said Jones. "We obviously believe in it, that is why we passed it and that is why we want our local communities to operate under it."

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