Councilman urges for YMCA to open their books

WALNUT HILLS (FOX19) - Cincinnati City Councilman Wendell Young and various community leaders are encouraging the YMCA to allow the public to see their financial records.

The Y is a registered, charitable 501c3 organization.

"The YMCA has served our community well for more than a century and has, until recently, shown a consistent dedication to their mission," Councilman Young said. "But the continued secrecy surrounding their finances and record-keeping remains a point of contention. If the Y is still truly a charitable organization, why won't they open their books? Who, exactly, are they competing with or hiding information from?"

Young alleges that the Y is now focusing more on wealthier suburban areas instead of the inner city.

The Y announced earlier this month that the would be keeping the Melrose YMCA open after voting in June to close it. The Williams YMCA is still expected to close on Aug. 22.

Although the Y receives state and federal funding, as well as likely receiving City Income Tax Exemption as a 501c3, Young indicated he was hesitant to ask the Law Department, the Attorney General's Office, or the IRS to begin an investigation, but said that he would do so if the Y did not begin to take proactive steps in the next week.

Sandy Walker, president of the Greater Cincinnati YMCA, said the organization has worked very hard to work collaboratively with the community and there is an opportunity at the Melrose Y to serve people of all ages.

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