Council woman requests new standards in city work time after Frey scandal

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Cincinnati city council woman Leslie Ghiz has written a motion requiring new standards for reporting City work time for Union leaders in the wake of the Diana Frey scandal.

Frey, the former president of the Cincinnati Organized and Dedicated Employees (CODE) union, was indicted for taking over $750,000 in union dues. She also allegedly was paid for work that she didn't do in her city job with the Metropolitan Sewer District.

Ghiz's motion reads, "we move that City Administration immediately implement an administrative regulation mandating that any employee hours spent working on union business over any amount guaranteed by the respective unions' collective bargaining agreements, must be logged on the employee's time sheet as unpaid leave."

The motion states that council and taxpayers are entitled to an explanation as to why an employee was paid for a job she did not perform.

In a statement from city manager Milton Dohoney to the mayor and members of council, he admits the administration "misjudged Frey" as she pressed for full-time status similar to other union presidents.

"Ms. Frey was not being engaged as the master manipulator, liar, and embezzler that she is alleged to be," the statement reads.

The motion will be presented in the next meeting of the Government Operations Committee.

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