Search efforts for Katelyn Markham gain momentum on Facebook

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - After an outpouring of support from community members who searched for Katelyn Markham both Monday and Tuesday, the efforts to find the missing 22-year-old student continue to gain momentum on Facebook.

"We love Katelyn, and we want Katelyn back with us," said Megan Gordon, a friend of Katelyn.

At last check the Facebook page dedicated to finding Katelyn had 1362 likes and counting, in addition new flyers have been made for car windows, storefronts and street corners --anywhere that's visible to the community.

"We need the help of the community to give us any information possible," Gordon said.
In addition to being an online support system, the Facebook page has also become a valuable tool for coordinating search efforts, providing updates on the case, and recruiting volunteers to help spread the word of Katelyn's disappearance.

One person asks, "Can you also email me a flyer? We want to hand them out at church Sunday.

Another says , "I ride the local bike trails and have been looking on my own for anything out of place. Would like to help with an organized search too."
Friends are also in the process of trying to get T-shirts made with Markham's picture on them.
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