Kasich echoes familiar Republican job creation themes

WASHINGTON (AP) - Ohio's governor is pointing to his own state as an economic model for the federal government.

In the weekly Republican radio and Internet address, Gov. John Kasich boasted of reducing Ohio's budget shortfall and cutting taxes.

As other Republicans have said before him, Kasich says the federal government should get out of the way and let states succeed by taxing less, spending less and imposing fewer regulations. He also called on Republicans to work with Democrats without compromising their principles.

Kasich says he hopes President Barack Obama will "partner with Republicans to get our economy back to creating jobs and producing growth."

He also says Republicans should "not be stiff-necked about working across the aisle." He says "it's OK to compromise on policy, as long as you don't compromise on your principles."

To read a copy of the Governor's address, click here.

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