Family grieves, police investigate deadly shooting by a police officer on Fountain Square

Davon Mullins and his mother Leona
Davon Mullins and his mother Leona

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - There are two pictures being painted of 16-year-old Davon Mullins, the teen who struggled with a Cincinnati Police Officer Saturday night, and ultimately lost his life.

Chief of Police James Craig told reporters Monday morning that no officer goes on duty with the intention of killing a person.

Police say the trouble all started at Sawyer Point Saturday evening at the Midwest Black Family Reunion.  They got reports that guns had been tossed over a fence into the crowd of people gathered for the reunion.

Officer Oscar Cyranek spotted Mullins, who matched one of the descriptions police had gotten, and the officer became even more suspicious as he watched Mullins walking away from Sawyer Point, towards downtown, clutching the right side of his waist.

Police say Officer Cyranek followed Mullins on foot toward Fountain Square, and continually maneuvered to get a better look at Mullins' right side, and that Mullins jaywalked and even walked backwards to keep the officer from seeing it.

Minutes later as the two approached the square, the Officer tried to head Mullins off - as the teen walked around Fountain Square, the Officer headed directly onto the square.

The two met at a pedestrian Breezeway on the north side of the square.  Officer Cyranek confronted Mullins, and started to pat him down.  When he felt a hard object on the teen, investigators say Mullins got very agitated, and the two began to struggle.  Officer Cyranek says he saw Mullins pull a 9 millimeter handgun, and put his finger on the trigger, so he backed away from the teen, but in a matter of seconds, Mullins pointed the weapon towards the officer, and Cyranek fired twice.

Mullins was later pronounced dead at University Hospital.

Monday, the teen's family told Fox 19 that Davon was a "good kid" who liked school, earned good grades, and loved playing basketball at Taft High School.  He was a sophomore this year, and attended the first four days of school this year, before the weekend's events ended his life.

Leona Mullins says she does not understand why she's lost her son, and that he didn't deserve to die the way he did.

Police Chief James Craig says youth violence will not be tolerated, and that Officer Cyranek did what no officer wants to do - end the life of another person.

Why Davon Mullins was downtown Saturday, armed, is still unknown.

Davon leaves behind an older sister and a younger brother. Arrangements are still pending.

Police say he did have a criminal history; he had been charged with felony robbery as a juvenile. The rest of his juvenile record is sealed under Ohio law.

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