Councilman sends letter requesting a stronger stance for safety and security in Cincinnati

Cincinnati City Council Member Charlie Winburn
Cincinnati City Council Member Charlie Winburn

Cincinnati City Councilman Charlie Windburn sent a letter to the Mayor and other council members requesting that they refuse to lay off police officers in next week's Special Session.

On August 29, council will be looking at mid-year budget cuts that include the elimination of 44 Cincinnati Police officers. After two incidences of violence in or near Downtown, Winburn says the layoffs are misguided.

"At a time of accelerated violence in our city and with recent attacks on police officers and citizens, this is no time to be cutting our police force," Winburn said. "The Mayor and Council should be doing everything in their power to assure the citizens of Cincinnati that we're doing everything possible to guard their safety and security, especially by keeping 44 police officers on the street."

Winburn believes that if the City retreats on public safety issues, it would only push more people out of Cincinnati.

"This is a great place to live and raise a family. Making citizens feel safe and secure in their homes and in their neighborhoods is the best policy by far."

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