Reality Check: Where did the money come from for the streetcar signs?

(FOX19) - If Cincinnati's new streetcar is built, it will run 3 miles from Ft. Square to Findlay Market.

There are 16 stops on that route.  Last week, city leaders put up signs at each one of those stops.

But we've been hearing from some viewers who want to know, how much money did the city spend on signs for a street car that may never be built?

First, how much did those signs cost?  After doing some digging, I found those 16 signs cost a total of $2,900.00.  If you break it down, per sign, 181.25.

It turns out, that money is not from the City's General Fund.  The $2,900 dollars actually comes from the Urban Circulator grant, which is one of the sources of funding for the streetcar.

The total amount of that grant that will go toward the streetcar project is $25 million dollars.  The total cost for the entire streetcar project is $95 million.

So, as far as the signs go, this was not money that could have been used for police and firefighters.  It is grant money that could only be used for the streetcar project.

As we've told you, there is a large opposition group to the Cincinnati streetcar.  So much so, that the issue will go to voters on this November's ballot.

If voters vote "Yes" on the streetcar issue, they will vote eliminate not just the current streetcar project but will ban all streetcar attempts for at least 10 years.

Here's what you need to know:

While the money used for these signs may not have come from the City's General Fund, they may be a bit premature.

In the event that voters choose to block the streetcar project, there are now 16 prominently displayed signs for a streetcar that won't exist.  And whether taxpayer money was used or not to pay for the creation of the signs, it is city workers who had to put them up and city workers who may have to take them down.

And that is Reality Check.

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