Mural in Oakley Skyline to remain standing

OAKLEY, OH (FOX19) - The 3-month battle with the City of Cincinnati Planning Commission is over. The Skyline Chili in Oakley will be permitted to display its gigantic mural.

The Skyline Chili on Madison Road hangs a huge mural depicting the Cincinnati skyline in the 1940s on the inside wall facing the street. It has been a part of this restaurant for generations.

Restaurant co-owner Steve Misleh wanted to expand his business but new regulations required a certain amount of glass on store fronts as part of the Urban Overlay District.

The fight with city hall, which had been ongoing since June, came to an end Wednesday when the city's chief planner granted Misleh the permits to renovate his restaurant without having to adhere to the city variance.

Misleh says he expects to close his restaurant for six days beginning Labor Day Saturday. Once completed, the new Oakley Skyline will accommodate new customers and new workers.

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