Lakota private bus service temporarily suspended

WEST CHESTER, OH (FOX19) - The private busing service offered by Lakota graduate and NFL player Troy Evans has been temporarily suspended.

" I don't know how to proceed for next week, if I don't know how long this is going to continue," said Tracy Vanderpool-Smith, a Lakota parent.

"I don't understand why they threw in the towel after just one day," said Marcie Lindsey, another parents.

Parents are upset that  the LBS busing service they had counted on for their kids is already putting on the brakes,for now.

" To find out at 9:00 pm that we had no service, and there is no indication of when it is coming back for our school... wow," said Vanderpool-Smith.

They were happy with the service that LBS provided, an were expecting slight delays in the first day, what they're not happy about is the fact that they're back to the drawing board on how to get their kids to school, leaving them with more questions then answers.

"What kind of timeline are we looking at? Do I need to find a permanent solution, or can I just look for a temporary solution for the next two weeks?" Lindsey said.

"We have obviously fielded our fair share of calls from frustrated parents, and they should be, we're going to re-route our fleet, we're going to expand out fleet," Evans said.

But, Evans says there's no definite timeline on when service for those schools affected would be brought back.

"As we build our fleet, we will add schools back, but right now, logistically, those are the schools that make the most sense that we can handle," Evans said.

According to a note e-mailed to parents and students participating in the private busing service, the service is being suspended, "in reaction to the first day of LBS Busing services being less than adequate."

Thursday, the first day of school for Lakota students, was called a "nightmare" by parents, who were caught in a large traffic jam due to the bus service and the increase in students driving in on their own vehicles.

The note also mentions that the suspension does not affect students going to private schools. Busing is scheduled to resume for the following schools August 30:

  • Lakota West Freshman and High School
  • Lakota East Freshman and High School
  • Union Elementary
  • Heritage Elementary
  • Independence Elementary
  • Cherokee Elementary
  • Creekside Early Childhood School
  • Shawnee Early Childhood School
  • Wyandot Early Childhood School

Also in the e-mail, written by Troy Evans:

"What happened today is in no way a reflection of my knowledge, work ethic or character as well as my staffs.  I started this company to help a community I love and that is still exactly what I intend to do.  Not being able to say "no" to the overwhelming response is what led us to today's challenges.  And I apologize for that.

"The new schedule will allow our fleet to be better utilized and able to respond to the needs and concerns more safely and efficiently. 

"I am in no way throwing in the towel, but am circling the wagons to come back stronger and more efficient.  In addition, we will be implementing a new line of communication offering informative text messages, which will hopefully reach more of our customers than our emails have.

"If you choose to retain your services with LBS Busing, and we hope you do, we are committed to shorter and more concise routes.  This will result in more favorable pick up times for your children."

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