Fairfield Township Firefighters return from ground zero with piece of history

FAIRFIELD TWP, OH (FOX19) - Community members, students and law enforcement lined the streets outside the Fairfield Township Fire Department to watch a piece of the collapsed twin towers arrive in Butler County.

"I wouldn't have missed it for anything, it was such an emotional day," said Doris Bruno.
It was emotional and unforgettable as patriot guard riders escorted of piece of America's history back home.
"It's a part of history that you can't forget that stuff, if you do, you tend to repeat it," said Neal Roberts.
Students from North Elementary School along with the community greeted the firefighters as they approached the department with an I-beam straight from ground zero.
For Cincinnati paramedic Dina Schinhorst, the piece of history hits close to home.
"I had two friends that died at the World Trade Center that day, so I'm here to honor them and as well as the 343 brothers who died that day," Schinhorst said.
American flags draped over the 1600 pound beam and were presented to Fairfield Township Fire Chief David Downie, he says being able to remember our heroes from home is an honor.
"It's important that we have something that we can go back to and always remember and touch," Downie said.
Afterwards community members got a chance to touch the beam for themselves --a symbol American history that will live on.
"it just sent chills through my body to think of what happened," Bruno said.
The Fire Department was awarded with this beam by the Port Authority of New Jersey and New York.  

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