Local leaders work on re-entry process for ex-offenders

CINCINNATI, OH (FOX19) - Local and national leaders are trying to come up with ideas to help ex-offenders live a life free of crime.

Leaders have teamed up with the Greater Emanuel Apostolic Temple on Galbraith road for a re-entry form.

They discussed programs that would fall under the second act, created in 2004. The acts purpose is to provide resources and support to local corrections agencies, non-profits and other organizations.

They hope to break down barriers ex-offenders face when re-entering their communities.

"It makes sense to only have re-entry," Deanna Hoskins, County Director of Re-entry, "It's a public safety issue. I would rather work with an individual to provide skills and abilities necessary to be productive than to sit around and wait for an individual to come home from prison with no skills and move next door to me."

During the forum, leaders officially launched the Hamilton County Office of Re-entry.

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