Train car delivered to local restaurant

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LOVELAND, OH (FOX19) - Scott Gordon, owner of The Works Brick-oven Restaurant in Loveland, has purchased a 1921 Pullman passenger train car to attach to the restaurant.

The car was delivered Monday morning. It rests on 85 feet of tracks next to The Works.

The train car, "Crusader" is traveled from Gettysburg, Pa. via rail to Loveland.  The train stopped in downtown Loveland, where two 70 ton cranes lifted the car onto flatbed trucks, drove across West Loveland Avenue to The Works, then put in place with the cranes.

The "Crusader" is 85 ft long and originally sat 88 people.

"We plan to refurbish The Crusader in the 1920's style to seat 36 people comfortably," said Gordon. "We plan to have remodeling completed by Christmas."

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