Police use new technology to fight crime

COLERAIN TOWNSHIP, OH (FOX19) - Police departments are always looking for new and better technology to stay one step ahead of the bad guys.

And in Colerain Township, the police chief believes he has found it.

Officers in Colerain Township are carrying a new weapon called the MK-63. It comes in two sizes and is four weapons in one - a baton, pepper spray, strobe light and a voltage regulated stun gun.

Colerain Township is the only police force in the state of Ohio to participate in the MK-63 pilot program.

Its officers have been training with and carrying the new weapon since May.

Chief Dan Meloy says the MK-63 is giving his officers more confidence in the field because they no longer have to approach a suspect while holding the wrong weapon.

"Your backing up, you're moving around a car, you're in the middle of a parking lot, you're in someone's kitchen in their home while they're trying to fight with you," said Meloy. "Then you're trying to secure one tool and gather another from your belt and then make sure that the bad guy doesn't get it from you. Those are very scary situations. They reality is this tool is in your hand and you can use the devices as needed."

Chief Meloy says along with being a safer weapon, the MK-63 costs a lot less to maintain. He says a typical Taser gun will run him about $3000 a year, but with the MK-63..all he has to do is change the batteries.

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