Family, community mourns 5-year-old struck and killed by van

Source: WDTN
Source: WDTN

SPRINGBORO, OH (FOX19) - A 5-year-old struck by a van in Springboro has died of his injuries.

Police say the incident happened at around 1 p.m. on Tuesday on Edgebrook Drive. Witnesses tell FOX19 that the mother parked the van, left the vehicle, and began talking to an acquaintance nearby. Police said Dylan, the young victim, left the van as well, and stood behind the vehicle. Neighbors said the child was waiting for the school bus to take him to his second day of kindergarten.

Police then say that, without warning, the van began moving backward from the parking space, and rolled into the street and into the driveway on the other side of the street. Police said the child's mother tried to stop the van, but it had already hit the 5-year-old. Police said a 2-year-old, the child's little brother, was in the van at the time.

Neighbor Carol Petit ran to help as soon as she heard Dylan's mother scream.

"She was up against the building screaming and crying and no one was helping her," said Pettit. "I assumed that was her child laying there so I ran over there and grabbed a hold of her and held her and told her, it would be okay."

Pettit then called a relative.

"She had a cell phone and I said let me call someone for you-- help you," said Pettit. "She finally gave me her phone and I called. I said who do you want me to call? She said, 'my brother,' and I called him and told him he needed to get here right away."

News of the boy's death soon spread. Strangers left teddy bears, balloons and flowers in front of little Dylan's home.

Whitney Ratliff said she work's with the boy's father at a local Arby's. She said it was his third day on the job.

"His family actually stopped in at the Arby's today so we saw them for a little bit," said Ratliff. "They were happy as can be when they were there. It's just sad to see it happen."

Neighbor Aaricka Engle agreed.

"I've seen them out here playing," said Engle. "It's hard. It really is. I'm just saying my prayers for the family."

When police arrived at the scene, they called Care Flight and took the child to Childrens Hospital in Dayton. He later died of his injuries.

Springboro Police and a Springboro Special Traffic Accident Investigator are investigating the incident.

A family spokesperson says Dylan is the middle child of three in the family. The community is working on setting up a fund for the family.

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