Local day care closes, leaving parents with no where to go

A local day care that provided for medically fragile children closed its doors for good, leaving parents in a scramble to find an alternative place to take their children.

Max's House in Sharonville catered to children who require the special care of a nurse to be present at all times.

One parent says she doesn't know which way to turn.

"I have nowhere else to take my son," said Melissa Montgomery, a parent whose child went to the daycare.

Montgomery's son Christian suffers from a disability that leaves him blind and unable to walk or talk yet.

Due to a lack of funding for transportation for the children who go to Max's House, 45 families are forced to look for another service to take care of their kids.

"I have been searching high and low, up and down and hit wall after wall," said Montgomery, "There's nothing out there."

In a statement released by the facility, a spokesman said, "We are enjoying every last minute we can with our children here at Max's House. The decision to close was based on a business plan that was no longer working. We feel for our parents and kids."

The change in the transportation policy happened in December after the new ambulance service asked about being reimbursed with Medicaid funds.

Melissa says the state of Ohio would have picked up the tab for child care if someone could watch Christian in his home, but there's a catch, as a single mom Melissa would have to be home as well.

"Which kind of defeats the purpose of having somebody else in my home," said Montgomery, "I can care for my son but then I can't work."

Melissa says she's been checking with various government programs to find someone who will take Christian, but with little or no success.

"I have no idea what I'm going to do," said Montgomery.

The short term solution for Christian is that he will be able to stay with his grandparents.

In the long run, Melissa says she wants to work and pay for her son's care, but she might not be able to afford it.

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