Family questions cat policy at Campbell County animal shelter

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FORT THOMAS, KY (FOX19) - Nickole Ketterer loved her cat Sensai for 13 years.She loved her, even when the cat started getting sick last year. Sensai was a beloved pet that Nickole planned on nursing through IBS and old age.

"She mostly stayed in doors, but if she went with the dog we would let her kind of hang outside because she mostly stayed in our yard," says Nickole.

That's where Nickole believes Sensai was on Monday when someone picked her up as a stray and took the Campbell County Animal Shelter.

It would be her last stop. Nickole says shelter employees decided to euthanize Sensai just a few hours after she arrived.

"I called the shelter and they said, we picked her up, we put her to sleep. She was suffering,"says Nickole.

It's all perfectly legal. The state of Kentucky doesn't have a law requiring shelters too keep cats for any period of time. Melissa Williams, Director of Administration for Campbell County told FOX19 the shelter has a policy in place allowing for cats to be put down if the animal is deemed to be sick, old, or in pain.

In this case, administrators at the shelter say Sensai had those signs.

"She wasn't knocking on death's doorstep. She had just gotten blood work done, she was being treated,"says Courtney Bartauff, a veterinarian tech who regularly treated Sensai.

Bartauff says this story makes a great case for microchips, something Sensai didn't have.

Nickole agrees with that. She says this whole experience has been tough on her family.

"When I found out, I really, well, I cried a lot," says Nickole's niece, Elle Mead.

Now, this family says they'll be micro chipping the rest of the pets in their home.

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