Corryville school could be demolished to make way for development

CORRYVILLE, OH (FOX19) - A century-old Corryville school could soon be demolished to make room for housing and retail shops, which is leaving some neighbors wondering if they should sacrifice our history for economic growth.

The $20 million demolition and reconstruction project will level the 100-year-old building, the former location of the Schiel School located in the Short Vine section of Corryville. Some community organizers say it's a piece of Cincinnati history standing in the way of progress.

"This is going to be an awesome project for our neighborhood," said Mike Ealy, president of the Corryville Community Council. Ealy said once the school is torn down, another building will replace it housing more than 100 upscale apartment units and ground floor retail outlets

Not everyone is on board with the demolition plans. Long-time Corryville resident, John Hudson said, "Its part of the neighborhood. Its been here forever. You know a lot of people grew up and went to this school. Grew up seeing this school develop and it should stay here"

On the business end, Barry Rubenstein, a 30-year-business resident of the area, said, "Up the street, all we have is empty retail. There's nobody that wants to come retail down here." Rubenstein points out the number of closed store fronts along Short Vine.

Once all the permits and variances are secured, the demolition of Schiel School is scheduled to begin in a few months.

This project is part of the multi-million dollar redevelopment of Corryville by the uptown consortium.

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