Volunteers go the extra mile to search for Katelyn

Katelyn Markham (Source: Fairfield Police Department)
Katelyn Markham (Source: Fairfield Police Department)

FAIRFIELD, OH (FOX19) - Volunteers like Donna Metz went to extremes to join in the search for Katelyn Markham, making the tough decision to quit her job, and make the full commitment to finding Katelyn.

"As crazy as it sounds, I really felt that my place was to be here, out with everyone else, and we've been out every day," Metz said.
Since Markham went missing close to three weeks ago, Metz has dedicated her life to finding answers and offering help.
"I've not been home with my children, I've not cooked a meal, I've not been doing the laundry, I've been doing nothing but focusing on the [Facebook] page and been trying to get people out here to search," Metz said. 
Hundreds of volunteers all with their own personal reasons as to why the effort  was important to them signed up to sweat it out and search -- leaving no stone unturned in their quest to find Katelyn.
"It just hits really close to home when you know people that's involved with this sort of thing going on,so we just came out here in hopes that somebody finds something," said volunteer Jessica Henry.
Henry and her friend Terri Bishop are friends of the family and out to help from Monroe.
"It feels like we're accomplishing the goals, getting the areas searched that need to be done," Bishop said.
They too are switching up their schedules to search for Katelyn, a sacrifice they say their willing to make for the sake of her family.
"Grandpa's got my son so we could come out and help," Henry said.

"My husband's off today, and  he was nice enough to come and watch the children, so I  could come do this," said Bishop.
Nearly 150 volunteers searched close to 60 different locations on Thursday, they also plan to search on a smaller scale on Friday, but expect their biggest search to be on Saturday.
Katelyn Markham was last seen on August 13 at her Fairfield townhome, her fiance was the last person to see her.

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