Local soldier salutes the 940th Unit in Iraq

WALTON, KY (FOX19) - Since September 11th, U.S. troops have been deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Most recently, friends and family said goodbye to Kentucky's National Guard's 1204 Aviation Support Battalion.

About 325 soldiers were deployed last Saturday. Their first stop was Texas and within the next 40 days they will head to Iraq.

But another outfit from Kentucky, the 940th Military Police Unit, was also recently deployed and is in Iraq right now.

The soldiers will be sorely missed at this year's fireworks spectacular over Labor Day weekend.

You won't be able to miss the massive red, white and blue banner Jeremy Miller will be flying at the fireworks this year.

But what will be visibly absent, is his military unit, the 940th's presence, all over Newport.

This is what happened after Jeremy Miller scribbled an idea on some note paper.

"I drew the rough sketch, probably about Tuesday afternoon," said Miller.

He gave it to graphic artist Joe Folzenlogen at SpeedPro Imaging in Sharonville and said, "We need this right away by the fireworks."

"He just needed something quickly, he gave me such great direction it really wasn't that hard," said Folzenlogen

Look for the huge American flag on the Newport side of the river, right next door to WEBN's and Cincinnati Bell's location, celebrating the 940th Military Police Unit.

Miller is weeks away from retiring from the military, so he was not sent.

"I joined the military after 911," said Miller. "Because of 911, and through my time of service we did not get deployed."

But his heart is right there in-step with the men and women serving in his unit. Normally, they'd be here, in-town.

"The 940th is always in Newport, Kentucky," said Miller. "And they're always there to keep the traffic moving safely, they're there to keep the security."

They're still keeping us safe, but in Iraq right now. Three to five-hundred men and women locally, as well as military police units from all over Kentucky.

"They are the largest deployment since World War II," he said.

The banner is a huge salute to the 940th.

"Most importantly," he said. "I wanted to say, 'Thank You', to those who fill the shoes of keeping our country safe."

But then the banner asks, 'Who can fill these shoes?'

Miller hopes to keep the interest alive in new blood signing-up, because there's always room for more good soldiers.

"It means the world to me to dedicate something specifically to this unit," said Miller beaming with pride.

Cincinnati Bell, WEBN and FOX19 are sending thousands of DVD copies of our broadcast of this year's P&G Riverfest and fireworks spectacular to the 940th and local troops abroad.

The 940th will be among the last of the troops to leave Iraq when the pull-out begins this Fall.

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