Speaker Boehner talks about job growth in the Tri-state

Speaker John Boehner kept his talk short and to the point when he talked about job growth in the Tri-state.

"The nation's economy is stagnate," said Speaker Boehner, "The American people are still rightfully asking the question where are the jobs. Republicans are continuing to listen to the American people and focusing on our efforts on removing barriers to job growth and whether it's eliminating unnecessary regulations to drive up prices or stopping Washington from spending money that it doesn't have."

The President of West Chester Chamber of Commerce also spoke about what they are doing to bring new jobs to West Chester.

"I think we've done pretty well from the stand point of just the Midwest does not suffer as much as the East or West coast," said Joseph A. Hinson "With that said we have development opportunity here we're positioned if you will so when this economy does break, even go better than we have previous so we surely haven't felt that we've achieved the tip of the iceberg.

President Obama is preparing to unveil his job plan next week.

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