CVG ramps up security ahead of 9/11 anniversary

As of Wednesday evening, Homeland Security had not issued any travel alerts as the anniversary of 9/11 approaches. However, officials at Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport aren't taking any chances.

It's been a decade since four planes were hijacked by terrorists.

Marty Klayman is flying to Florida, but his wife is staying home. She's scared of flying. Especially this week.

"Yes, I do feel there's still a threat," said Klayman. "Even though there's not been anything happened since 9/11, ten years ago. I feel it's still on the board."

Many travelers we spoke with agreed, but added that you can't let fear stop you from flying.

"Life goes on," said Carolyn Reif. "It's sad, but it's true."

It's a new reality for airports everywhere. CVG spokesperson Barb Schempf said they're taking precautionary measures, including adding more officers and more vehicle checks for the rest of the week.

"I trust that everybody is doing their job, and everybody is checking everybody," said Bernice Courtenay who is flying to Florida for her son's wedding. "If I see someone who looks funny, okay, I'll say something."

Margie Smith said loved ones have been texting her all day.

"Telling me make sure I have a safe flight home," said Smith. "I've been hearing that a lot. Make sure you be careful. I've been getting that friendly reminder what this week actually represents."

And it's not just CVG officials who are ramping up security. Airports across the state are doing the same. At Akron -canton airport, they're using officers behind the scenes to make you travelers feel safe, and at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, they're using bomb sniffing dogs.

You could soon add shoe-scanning technology to that list. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said machines will soon be able to scan passengers' shoes for bombs.

"I'm still going to take off my shoes," said Smith. "I'm going take off my shoes, sit them up there, and like, oh okay, You know? Just something I'm going to do."

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