Friends react to 85-year-old woman's hit and run death

Ramino Tomas Reyuoso (Source: Kenton County Detention Center)
Ramino Tomas Reyuoso (Source: Kenton County Detention Center)

COVINGTON, KY (FOX19) - Friends of an 85-year-old woman are shocked and saddened by her death in a hit and run accident in Covington.

The accident happened at the intersection of MLK Boulevard and Russell Street on Wednesday afternoon. Marion Acree, 85, was pronounced dead at the scene.

Ramino Tomas-Royouso, 27, is now under arrest for the accident, charged with leaving the scene of an accident, having no operators license and failure to produce an insurance card.

Gustavo Aguiler was originally named the suspect, because the car was in his name, but police say Royuoso was the one driving.

However, there is a warrant out for Aguiler's arrest for a prior hit and run in Campbell County.

Royuoso will appear in court on Wednesday.

Acree's friends at the Hathaway Apartments said they are still in shock. Acree was widowed and had lived at the apartment complex for seniors since 1999.

She had no family, except a stepson and step-grandson, but so far, no luck in locating either of them.

"Shocking, very shocking," said Brenda Sams. "We could understand if she was sick or something, but not to go out and get killed in a car wreck."

Sams had only lived there a year, but said Acree loved her dog, Skipper.

"She was really one of the first ones to greet me here," said Sams. "When she saw my dog, it was love at first sight with her, she calls him Mutt Mutt."

"It just seems like it was yesterday, we were sitting over there on the bench and she had a card that was made like a kitty cat," said Sams. "And she kept opening it and it kept meowing and drove him crazy."

"She loved dogs," said friend, Vada Thornberry, who knew Marion Acree well.

"We're all very sad," she said. "It's a sad day here at Hathaway because she was a big part."

Thornberry said they talked about updating Acree's living will, which hadn't been touched since the 90's, indicating a step son and potential step grand son would be the next of kin.

"And everybody worried about her," said Thornberry. "In the past few years, we've been worried about her, because we knew she had no family, we knew that things weren't up to date."

"She left every morning at 8 o'clock to go visit her with her friend," she said. "He was about 90 or more, she left every morning to go see him, spend the day with him."

"She lived 85 years and to have that happen to her," said Sams.

Marion Acree was the passenger in that car. Her 90-something-year-old boyfriend was driving. He was taken to University Hospital and neither his name nor condition have been released yet.

If you think you know the whereabouts, of either the stepson or step grandson of Marion Acree call The Hathaway Court Apartments at 859-491-5301 or the Covington Police.

Acree's estate cannot be settled until someone steps forward. The Hathaway's policy is as soon as someone passes away, they have to change the locks immediately on the tenant's apartment to ensure no one tries to wrongfully claim what's inside.

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