9/11 tribute with local skydivers moved from above Ground Zero to Middletown

MIDDLETOWN, OH (FOX19) - The Middletown-based skydiving Team Fastrax has moved their planned tribute to the tenth anniversary of 9/11 from New York City to Middletown, due to security concerns.

The was scheduled to fly 10 giant U.S. flags over the location of Ground Zero on 9/11, but due to recent terrorist threats and heightened air space restrictions at NYC, the team has moved the performance to over Hook Field Municipal Airport in Middletown.

Jumping out of an airplane is all in a days work for skydiving instructor Dave Hart, but on Sunday Hart will be falling with a purpose.

"It's an opportunity for us to take something we're passionate about and express something that's good and honorable to honor all those people that died," says Hart.

Imagine ten American flags, slicing through the sky above Ground Zero, the largest is 7,800 square feet.

"It's an enormous flag and it requires a 180 pounds of weight at the bottom of it so that it flies straight like it's on a flag pole," says Hart.

Each flag is attached to a skydiver along with a weight to help the flag unfurl. The stars and stripes are folded and packed just like a parachute.

"Once the parachutes open, [you pull] the release handle and the flag falls right out of the bottom," says Hart.

One of the divers carrying a flag, Dan Paganini started skydiving 34 years ago; to him this jump is for America moving forward but never forgetting.

"Just a new sense of patriotism that there are a lot of people that care, people that are prepared to go a little further," says Paganini.

The entire experience is organized by Team Fastrax, a professional skydiving team based in Middletown, Ohio and sponsored by Selection.com.

The jump will happen at 10:28 am Sunday, over the Hook Field Municipal Airport.

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